A book report on the jungle by upton sinclair

During a second encounter with Phil Connor, he is again consumed by rage and beats the man.

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The rental agent tells him that he pays for taxes, insurance, and a fee for the water. Apparently, however, Connor turns out to be a man of some importance the local party was grooming him to be a state congressman. When he recovers, he is unable to find a job and is forced to beg on the streets.

He also says that if the city decides to put in a sewer and a sidewalk that they would be expected to pay taxes for them as well.

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Doing this he earns around two dollars an hour for twelve-hour workdays and is pleased that he is making so much. When he gets off he bathes in a stream and a farmer is kind enough to give him a meal.

the jungle upton sinclair

Jurgis still has the one hundred dollar bill that Jones gave him and goes into a bar to get change for it. His fear and frustration devour him in that time and the only thing that can make him smile is his infant son. He finds a job digging freight tunnels, where he soon injures himself.

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Book Review: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair