A comparison of cable television and directv

Some packages require a 1-year contract.


Check out our picks for the best cable and satellite TV providers below. International Programming Cable offers some international-focused channels, such as channels in Chinese, Korean and Portuguese, but these channels are all US-based.

Directv competitors

Some HD channels are included even in basic packages, so when you call to set up satellite TV service, see if you can wrangle in some HD movie channels along with your bundle. No credits in 2nd year for bundled services. Must maintain a min. If the cable line in is already installed in the home — for example, if you already have Internet service through the same provider — then under most circumstances you can install the TV service yourself. While teen channels and MTV may be great for a college campus, these channels are not very popular with senior citizens. This can become a problem if you live in an apartment with a shared wall on the South side. Visit starz. Typically, the equipment needs to be returned upon termination of services but some companies make an exception if it is too difficult to reach the antenna.

Generally, bundles are cheaper with cable, and the price of a bundle is most often made attractive and less than what each service would individually cost.

Subscription will automatically renew at the prevailing rate for the next season, unless you call to cancel beforehand.

A comparison of cable television and directv

Must maintain all qualifying services and service addresses must match to receive advertised pricing. On average DIRECTV and its dealers have been known to be faster, more knowledgeable and quicker to service any type of problem that a customer may have. With both satellite and cable, though, you can tailor a package that meets all your viewing requirements. So if you want the most popular channels in the best quality, go with satellite. The biggest growth in the last 20 years has been from DIRECTV, a company who specializes in providing personal satellite dishes to residents and businesses throughout the United States. Satellite TV is available everywhere, as long as the dish can directly face the southern sky, which makes it difficult to install at an apartment that shares a wall on the south side, or has a big tree, building or any other obstacle in the way. Games available via remote viewing based on device location. Number of HD channels based on TV plan. For an additional cost, you can watch both live and pre-recorded TV on different platforms on your mobile device. Different offers may apply for eligible multi-dwelling unit customers. After 12 mos.

If you're a long-time customer and have an issue with rising costs, DIRECTV will offer you freebies like free premium channels for three months as well as whatever discounts the company can find to apply to your bill.

So if you want the most popular channels in the best quality, go with satellite. Just want basic TV service? We recommend sitting down and making a list of your favorite shows and channels, then making sure that the cable or satellite package you select includes them. What are you looking for?

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Cable vs. Satellite TV