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Adding on three more colonies by did nothing to change this. The birthrates fell everywhere, as children were postponed until families could financially support them. It was also important that the Canadian Corps, this small colonial unit, had managed to do what both its former colonial powers could not do in retaking the ridge. Yet Bothwell does little to challenge typical conventions of history writing: chockful of information, the book focuses primarily on matters of trade, foreign relations, and political life. The conference was already underway and discussions for Maritime union were not making much progress. Canadians should remember that Vimy Ridge was not their triumph alone. The government was vocally against Confederation, contending it was no more than the annexation of the province to the pre-existing province of Canada. The German position had successfully resisted earlier Allied attacks, and it was heavily defended. In this form of warfare, soldiers faced the enemy across a narrow strip of land between the opposing trenches. Attempts to deal with the dislocations of the Great Depression in Ontario focused on the "sweatshop crisis" that came to dominate political and social discourse after The Depression turned this debt into a crushing burden. Ontario's Industrial Standards Act ISA was designed to bring workers and employers together under the auspices of the state to establish minimum wages and work standards. President Lyndon Johnson had, in fact, pushed a limited version of socialized medicine in the form of Medicare through Congress in , but the war in Vietnam derailed his more ambitious domestic agenda. The Vimy experience provided a pattern for future successes. It came about due to the political tensions and complex military alliances of the era.

The diary includes descriptions of the Fathers of Confederation and their personalities and brings light to the social politics of midth-century Canada. The London Conferencefrom December to Februarywas the final stage of translating the 72 Resolutions of into legislation.

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This created a huge problem at the end of the war. Any lawyer worth his salt will tell the suspect in no uncertain terms to make no statement to police under any circumstances. The scene is an amalgamation of the Charlottetown and Quebec City conference sites and attendees. Particularly since the Second World War, the two counties have shared a commitment to the west, although the US, as superpower, has been the driving partner in these ventures. He is commemorated on the Vimy Memorial, France. The act received royal assent on March 29, , and set July 1, , as the date for union. After breaking for Christmas, the delegates reconvened in January and began drafting the British North America Act. Baldwin was the first popularizer of responsible government and one of the first proponents of a bicultural nation courtesy Metropolitan Toronto Library.

The western provinces developed responsible governments as they were created and joined Canada following Confederation. This hurt the Canadian economy more than most other countries in the world, and Canada retaliated by raising its own rates on American exports and by switching business to the Empire.

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The prosperity of the Second World War relieved the economic fears and hatreds that had fuelled farmer unrest. Private John Pattison of the 50th Battalion: On April 10, when the advance of Canadian troops was held up by an enemy machine gun, Private Pattison, with utter disregard of his own safety, sprang forward and jumping from shell-hole to shell-hole, reached cover within thirty yards of the enemy gun.

However, there was a widespread demand to limit families to one paid job, so that wives might lose employment if their husband was employed.

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Jack Little, a historian at Simon Fraser University, considers how early tourist accounts contributed to a national sensibility among Canadians. Power shifted upward to management, as strikes were too risky in the early s and the opportunity to find a better job had drastically narrowed.

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The French-Canadians who negotiated the constitution argued that the provisions of the BNA Act would also enable the co-building by both French and English of a larger country. Every man at Vimy knew his task. Before its arrival in North America, colonial governors would just follow the advice i.

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He does acknowledge that the American culture industries radio, television, Hollywood have dominated the scene. Further damage was the reduction of investment: both large companies and individuals were unwilling and unable to invest in new ventures. Photo taken on: March 3, Between then and , six more provinces and three territories joined Confederation. Confederation — which would include separation of the two Canadas — was posed as a solution to these problems. By , they had the necessary support of the Catholic Church. Made from cannons captured from the Russians during the Crimean War. I understand we are going up against the Prussian Guards.

He is never looked up to by the whole people as the head and front of the nation. However, on this issue as on so many, Americans seem to suffer from amnesia.

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Great Depression in Canada