A discussion on the trend of wearing necklaces

Consider the vibe you are going for. Sometimes I wear two delicates together, but I never wear two statement pieces together. Yes, they are relatively small, but they are in the direct line of vision of anyone you talk to, so they should be well considered.

The first thing to look at is whether the necklace style is right for your body. Though cross necklaces have been around since the Roman Empire was Christianized, recently, crucifixes have become popular tropes among jewelers like New Top Jewelry and Instagram-popular brands like Bagatiba and Vanessa Mooney for fashion's sake.

how to wear long necklaces

Inexpensive, stylish and in a range of sizes and designs they make for good layering options with your more expensive pieces or as an entry point if you just want to dip your toes in the trend.

So, leave the rest of your look toned down. A more modern look is to layer a few necklaces with a v-neckline. This pink ruffle neck sweater is a situation in which a necklace is optional, in my opinion.

Is it a sin to wear a cross necklace

See more of this look. You don't want to look weighed down. A brooch doesn't have to be stuck on your lapel. If I did put a necklace with this, I think a shorter, chunky necklace would look best. Colorful beads or chandelier earrings could be just the thing to make an ordinary outfit outstanding. On the other hand, this grey crewneck sweater is plain, so it needs something. Choose pieces from similar genres - all deco, for example. Continue Reading. These eye-catching, bold and often chunky necklaces add striking style to any outfit and really call attention to the face. Handcrafted in a Los Angeles workshop, religious imagery from the East features prominently in the designs especially from Buddhism which are bang-on for the cosmo gent who wants it to look like he found himself in the local temple on his backpacking tour but really never left the side of the pool. Another good example of a busy look is this outfit with the fair isle sweater.

There are endless varieties of pendant necklaces in stores right now, from eye-catching unique styles to simple, delicate ones.

Also, this is an example of two pieces that are more equal in visual weight — both delicates, and pair well together.

how to wear long pendant necklaces

The matching shades are a nice touch, no?

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