An analysis of symbolism in the novel to kill a mockingbird by harper lee

Lee sets the time in the story in the early s, when the Great Depression was going on and there was poverty everywhere.

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Their was not enough snow for the snowman so Jem used dirt for the foundation and then covered it with the snow that they did have. The way he has become a town ghost story also shows the cruelty he faces from the people of Maycomb, whether they mean to be cruel or not.

Mockingbird symbolic meaning

They are innocent and never would harm anyone just like the mockingbird. Related Papers. Boo Radley never comes out because he does not want to face the prejudice and corrupt world. Lee uses the camellias, courage, and the mockingbird as important symbols in the book. The novel follows the course of this trial. Hire Writer Each symbol has a deeper meaning that leads the reader to understand the greater themes of the novel. Symbolism is basically what the book is about. The fire melted the snow from the snowman and left nothing but mud. Boo Radley Aside from being a mockingbird character, Boo Radley also shows the reader how Scout grows up throughout the novel and, by some extension, Jem as well. Any type of essay.

Related Papers. This growing understanding of Boo Radley is symbolic of the overall maturity that Scout and Jem experience in the novel.

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He had been leaning against the wall when I came into the room, his arms down and across his chest. Burning of Miss Maudie's House The fire in house of Miss Maudie is symbolic of the county keeping their differences aside and unifying, before it is again torn apart by legal proceedings. I believe she selected it because the mockingbird is a creature that is loved by all for its singing and mocking, for which it gets its name, and how it never intends to harm anything or anybody. Lee uses symbolism throughout the book making it overt and obvious. Anup Patwardhan Did You Know? Get your price writers online Symbolism is a very important aspect of any story. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. He is probably the only lawyer in Maycomb that would represent a black man. Your time is important. The novel dwells on the issues of racial inequality, and an event that had taken place during the formative years of the author Harper Lee. As I pointed he brought his arms down and pressed the palms of his hands against the wall. They each have their own separate neighborhoods and churches. What about mockingbirds?

Morphrodite This is the snowman that the siblings have created, and has snow covering his head which is made up of dirt.

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Symbols can build on the theme of a book like a theme about good and evil. Rarely is such racism binded with. In the beginning, the kids all like to play Boo Radley games, pretending to be him or telling scary stories about him. The camellias are two different symbols in the book. Boo Radley is a character who throughout the book, helps the children in many ways and he develops the theme of good and evil. The plot is based during the times of the 'Great Depression', and the lawyer has to suffer the wrath of racists for defending the accused. The counsel has been assigned the case of an African-American who has been accused for raping a white woman. Hire Writer Each symbol has a deeper meaning that leads the reader to understand the greater themes of the novel. When Tom was caught, he was a trapped bird and when they sentenced him to jail, he was a silenced mockingbird that would never sing again. The mockingbird symbolizes underprivileged black people.

It is a skin to kill a mockingbird because they do not harm us in any way but sings wonderful songs to us. The small town of Maycomb is segregated into two categories: white and black. Here's a look at the symbolism used in 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory