An analysis of the history of the eastern roman empire founded in 395 ad

Tribes of Serbs and Croats were later resettled in the northwestern Balkans, during the reign of Heraclius. Iconography also developed as a major art form.


The Byzantine empire held on to a small slice of the Spania coast until the reign of Heraclius. The latter included the Manichaeansthe Nestoriansthe Monophysitesand the Arians. Matters of doctrine were also contested, such as did Jesus Christ have one human and one divine nature combined or just a divine nature.

The construction was initiated by the emperor Justinian, to build the finest building of all times, which shows an ambition to restore the Roman Empire.


The founder of the dynasty, Basil I r. The Orthodox Church broke away from the church in Rome in and, perhaps most importantly, people from the west were massacred in Constantinople in , partly in response to the growing influence of western merchants and kingdoms. Gregory notes that he was baptized shortly before his death in A. Though the Byzantines emphasized their Roman origins, as time passed, they gradually distanced from their roots. Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor attempted to conquer the empire during the Third Crusade, but it was the Fourth Crusade that had the most devastating effect on the empire. He declared that Christ, as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, is enthroned in heaven and all earthly rulers are subject to his authority. The news that Justinian was reinforcing his Danube fleet made the Kutrigurs anxious, and they agreed to a treaty which gave them a subsidy and safe passage back across the river. The emperor is displayed as the ruler of Persians and Goths who brings him presents. It was prominent for its unique organization of government, excellently equipped army with a remarkable war technique, developed economic and monetary system, and above all that it was enormously wealthy. It is a forty-window dome, which, by the words of a contemporary,looked not like residing on the firm ground but as if covering the space descended on golden chains from heaven. Byzantine comeback?

No spam, we promise. The culture and language are more and more influenced by the Hellenization of the Empire and its theocracy.

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The most vocal opponents, Maximus the Confessor and Pope Martin I were arrested, brought to Constantinople, tried, tortured, and exiled. He split the Empire in half, with two emperors ruling from Italy and Greece, each having a co-emperor of their own. Thanks to the efforts of Byzantine Empress Irene, the Second Council of Nicaea met in and affirmed that icons could be venerated but not worshipped.

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Byzantine Empire