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As a politician, my monarchical soul abhors him. In he returned to London and again ran for parliament. He is good-humoured and vivacious, and likes the Scots as well as anybody; only he considers the abusing that nation as a political device, which he must make us of.

John Wilkes has been the subject of nearly a dozen biographies, some scholarly, others intended for a wide readership. The gen'ral order, since the whole began, Is not in woman, but is kept in man.

Their meeting in Rome marked the true beginning of their friendship, and on February 25 Boswell followed Wilkes to Naples, where Wilkes was going to stay for some time with his mistress Gertrude Corradini.

He follows 'the great historian George Otto Trevelyan' in asserting that George III's political aim was to establish 'a personal government', an attempt foiled by the failure of the American War pp.

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If plagues and earth quakes heav'ns design fulfill, Why should not man o'er woman have his will?

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