An overview of the land mines contributing to the danger of international security

Under the moral mantle of anti-Communism, humanitarian questions were often confuse with or subordinated to ideological considerations. The efforts of this international coalition of NG0s, whose members have been working in capitals around the world to persuade the States'diplomatic missions to support a ban, reflects an enhanced role for the international NGO community in enforcing international humanitarian law.

Sustaining peace is a new overarching UN framework that was affirmed through dual resolutions by the Security Council and the General Assembly. Preventing Genocide and Responsibility to Protect Prevention requires apportioning responsibility to and promoting collaboration between concerned States and the international community.

Little would be lost and much gained by a clear humanitarian decision that would offer hope to those who figure among the world's most impoverished and who seek a future that extends beyond conflict and holds promise of post-war reconstruction.

Cahill ed. For example, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Darfur, and South Sudan today, are in a second or third wave of conflict. USA, Ret.

Dangers of landmines

This work is often undertaken in cooperation with regional organizations. On many occasions, the Council has issued ceasefire directives which have been instrumental in preventing wider hostilities. Introduction The use of arms, projectiles, or material calculated to cause unnecessary suffering, and more especially of poisoned weapons chemical a biological weapons , was banned under the conceptual framework of both the Hague Convention IV and the Geneva Protocol. Gender mainstreaming in mine action is also aligned with the core values of the Agenda and sustaining peace framework as mine incidents have a gendered impact in terms of demography of casualties as well as assistance accessibility. Landmines create: " ruinous effects on the human body; they drive dirt, bacteria, clothing, and metal and plastic fragments into the tissue, causing secondary infections. Among casualties, women are more likely to experience greater difficulty in obtaining medical care than men as well as more isolation, stigmatisation, and risk of poverty. The opening rounds of this year's expert sessions at the United Nations have now ended, and it appears unlikely that many countries will support an outright ban on mine production and use. Like adult victims, they will face enormous practical, economic, social, and psychological challenges in their rehabilitation and reintegration process. The Final Report of the Group of Experts whose final meeting took place in Geneva from 9 to 20 January indicates that the primary purpose of Protocol II of the CCW Protocol on prohibitions or restrictions on the use of mines, booby-traps and other d evices - hereinafter Landmine Protocol is to protect civilian populations from indiscriminate suffering both during and after conflicts. Eventually, a growing public outcry, combined with the committed action of non-governmental organizations involved in the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines ICBL , led to the adoption of a comprehensive global agreement. However, the light, easy-to-handle explosives that are planted to deny opposing forces access more frequently deny civilians the full use of their villages and agricultural lands. Its inclusion was largely in response to the high numbers of civilian casualties caused by mines and unexploded munitions in Vietnam. It has been linked to humanitarian action such as saving lives and limbs by providing response to hazards, but it has not been so long since development actors began to recognise it.

The human costs Antipersonnel landmines still maim and kill ordinary people every day. Vocational training and support are often not available so many survivors struggle to make a living after their accident.

Interview with Patrick Blagden, 13 May Its current grant programme will continue until mid Although mine technology is increasingly sophisticated, clearance technology has not kept pace.

characteristics of landmines

For private companies, like Daimler Benz of Germany, Tecnovar of Italy, Daewoo Corporation of South Korea, or Alliant of the United States, landmine sales are typically part of a larger product line and not separately itemized in company annual reports.

But to find adequate answers, the world community must devise a humanitarian blueprint that takes human and economic costs into full account.

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The Dutch approach to clearing landmines