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Par for the course, and symptomatic of the backdrop to the present disgraceful coverage of the Royal Commission, whose necessity the paper decried. Does Cohen intend to make amends because 'the bank had not done enough'? Manning was dismayed at the gutting of the SMH business pages, with management intention that readers would be pushed towards the AFR.

Pandora : 26 Mar am Being an engineer with experience in the power industry gives you no qualifications at all to say how much greenhouse gases are contributing to the rise in global temperatures which has been going on since sometime in the Little Ice Age, which ended without assistance from AGW.

Cohen was chief general counsel at the time of the CBA purchase. That is what Fairfax would say of the politicians and company executives that they critique, afterall. The editorial of 12 February is representative.

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But customers who take it at face value are the guilty parties.

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