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The producer, the director, the cast especially the lead characters I believe exerted too much effort for this one of a kind movie.

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Conceive the 9-month waiting for the baby to develop from the moment he is only a small cell until he becomes a child in flesh and blood. The most awaiting moment from a mother is the birth of the baby.

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Classical music or sounds can help the baby to be intelligent or nurture the talents even if they are only inside the womb. The film has investigated the way in which the process of human pregnancy has evolved over time, and found a strong link between the biological and the sociological. My eyes and ears connect to the brain which allow me to hear and see. It explained how the complex process occurs in the human body thoroughly by supplying pictures. The film showed both the internal and external features of the human body and emphasized how these systems cant function by themselves. In the sixth week, the fingers and toes start forming. Another important part of the body is the blood. The baby are develop started in 3rd week. Another is by watching this film, we could have the realization that pregnancy is only for those women who are ready enough to bear a child and take care of themselves during the pregnancy. It is very uneasy to give birth but if you are eager then you are brave enough to face the laboring. What am I doing here? Many people believe that sometimes they are unfortunate, but being birth is very auspicious. We should capture that pregnancy is a natural and normal phenomena. Birth evolved from a private to a social process in order to increase the rates of survival for both mother and child. Baby turns head down.

Among millions of sperms, having different genes, you are formed. In 5th week, the umbilical cord functioning.

Body atlas video worksheets answers

Things that is too broad to grasp. The next question to that is how do they meet? For example, the heart, it keeps our body alive because it pumps blood all around our body that contains oxygen. Humans are formed from two cells that combined and fertilized. Without the interdependence, perhaps we will all cease to exist. It is very uneasy to give birth but if you are eager then you are brave enough to face the laboring. Large animals generally have longer pregnancies. I actually cannot remember the detail but as per the synopsis of the movie the baby starts to develop on the 3rd week, his heart beats and most organs develop. In the 20th week, the heartbeat is twice Valerie's and is delivering daily a few spoonfuls of blood. The human body is too specialized that it is difficult to believe that this is all because of circumstance. The topic of human birth is quite an interesting one. A woman releases one egg every 28 days. We are in this world to fulfill a mission.

The first From the film, one that strikes me the most was the reproductive system and how babies are made. With time, this socialization led to the development of various techniques of compensating for the physical limitations.

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After watching the film, it made me appreciate my existence even more. At 3 weeks old of the baby, imagine that the heart of the baby starts to beat. The infant are independent. The next question to that is how do they meet?

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Body Atlas: In the Womb (Movie Review)