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Heads of research functions will gain more knowledge in this area and therefore sensitize various stake holders in the industry. Additionally, there has been weak out grower institutions, poor roads infrastructure, and poor cane transport system.

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Business organizations aim at achieving sustained competitive advantage over their rivals. The board has a staff of over 93 employees, and over 40, employees in the wider sugar industry Year of book statistics, He defines performance management as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to organizations by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.

Equally, the findings indicated that employees were involved in setting and owning objectives.

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In contrast, performance management is a continual, broad, and comprehensive with focus on the future Armstrong, From this study, it was observed that career planning was being used to manage employee expectations. Additionally, appraisals were done once a year, with training and development being used to address needs assessment. The Sugar Industry has faced formidable challenges ranging from the closure of some factories due to adverse trading environment, leading to massive unemployment and loan defaults. I am forever indebted to my Project Supervisor Florence Muindi for guidance, devoted contribution, advice, inspiration and shaping my understanding of the subject matter. Despite of which theory is deployed, ongoing performance management could facilitates to achieve significant results and produce prosperous business. Figure 4.

Portermention that organisations must acclimate to theirs fickle environment. This was also a move from collectivism towards greater individualization of the employment relationship Pennington and Edwards, Jackson argues that performance management is a formal, structured process used to measure, evaluate, and influence employees, job related attitudes, behaviours and performance results.

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The board has a staff of over 93 employees, and over 40, employees in the wider sugar industry Year of book statistics, Performance Management According to Michael Armstrong , performance management is a systematic process of improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individuals and teams. It means getting better results by understanding and managing performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards and competency requirements. It involves performance appraisal, objective setting for individuals and departments, appropriate training programmes and performance related pay. Armstrong agree with the above hypothesise that behaviours and results need to be considered simultaneously because competency should be included in the process to achieve results, which he describes it as the mixed model of performance management. It is also concerned with ensuring that the support and guidance people need to develop and improve are readily available Beardwell, Procurement executives Association defines performance management as: the use of performance measurement information to effect positive change in organization culture, systems and processes, by helping to set agreed- upon performance goals, allocating and prioritizing resources, informing managers to either confirm or change current policy or programme direction, to meet those goals, and sharing results of performance in pursuing those goals. Acclimatising to varying environment Learned et al.

Besides, the obligation for continuousness of performance management is argued in details on the proper sections. Therefore, performance means process and manner of functioning and operating or behaviours to attain beforehand desirable goals or results Brumbach, Consequently, performance management has become more of a strategic issue for organizations than in the past.

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