Business plan template for residential care home

The location was willed to us by Evelyn and Jack Bright last February, with the condition that we include a small Medicare facility as part of the overall plan.

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Doe expects that patients will have a range of disorders, but are able to live within a nursing home facility that provides a host of specialty physical and mental health care services in addition to treating intensive medical disorders.

Residents may stay in a private or shared room, with no more than two people in a room at a time. Census, isin Middlesex County, andfor the same group in nearby Hartford County.

Families will usually choose the highest level of care affordable within 45 minutes to one hour of their homes, in order to make visiting their family member easier. Their strengths and weaknesses are described below, under Topic 4. Temporary Assistance of 2 months : This type of assistance will be given to your loved ones if they are ill and need proper care and therapy until they are fit and healthy again.

In our first five years, we will establish a new kind of Elder Care model based on the idea that the elderly are fully-realized persons, with ideas, thoughts, and experiences which matter.

Business plan for elderly care home pdf

However, if you have hundreds of items, condense your product list categorically. With LivePlan, you can easily use this sample as inspiration and create your own plan, complete with financial tables and graphs. You are on page 1of 43 Search inside document Thanks for downloading a sample plan from Bplans. All our employees will be well trained and equipped to provide excellent and knowledgeable services as it relates to our business offerings. Please note that this amount includes the salaries of all the staff for the first month of operation. All the papers and document have been signed and submitted, the loan has been approved and any moment from now our account will be credited with the amount. Usually, the temporary residents of a nursing home are fighting with some physical, mental or emotional disorder. The interest rate and loan agreement are to be further discussed during negotiation. Doe has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Large institutions that cater to the needs of the elderly and chronically ill people are becoming less popular because of their cold nature. These can be broken down into four rough groups in descending order : Private, for-profit nursing homes Church-based nursing homes Veterans' Homes Others like the Alzheimer's Resource Network Of these, 57 are part of a multi-home chain, and only 15 are nonprofit. Skilled Nursing Care For residents or temporary residents with more demanding health or care situations, our Skilled Nursing Care Facility offers a more closely supervised and assisted lifestyle on the same property—right across the courtyard. This slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales, which has halted to historical lows. Prior to choosing a location for St.

This part of Bright House has two purposes: as a short-term rehabilitation center for Page 7 Bright House community members recovering from surgery or medical emergencies; and as a full-service nursing facility for residents who can no longer take care of their own needs sufficiently in the main building.

The maximum capacity for Vintage is six residents, and each individual gets his or her own bed unless they have a significant other in the home.

Business plan template for residential care home

Our private patients are billed at a slightly higher rate to account for the low Medicare reimbursement rate, but also to pay for the extra benefits they receive as part of living at Bright House. Michael Medical, M. After our first five years, on a firm financial footing, we would also like to find ways to reduce resident monthly costs to make such care available to families with more modest incomes. Vintage wants people to think of trust, caring, and reliability when they hear our name. Our resident monthly prices are based on the current Medicare nursing-hours-per-resident-day rates for our kind of services. Residents may stay in a private or shared room, with no more than two people in a room at a time. There shall be at least one person capable of and responsible for communicating with emergency personnel in the facility at all times. This training shall include, but is not limited to, the importance and techniques of personal care services including bathing, grooming, dressing, feeding, toileting and universal precautions. Begin development implementation for the ongoing funding needs of years two through five. The Company is registered as a corporation in the State of New York.

The local population in this affluent state could support dozens of Elder Care Homes such as ours. Our private patients are billed at a slightly higher rate to account for the low Medicare reimbursement rate, but also to pay for the extra benefits they receive as part of living at Bright House.

These residents can expect that their new home will be just thattheir own home, shared in community with other residents, who come together to socialize, air grievances, plan activities, and share their knowledge and wisdom with each other and all who choose to visit them.

You should provide as much information as possible about your pricing as possible in this section.

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Here are the platforms we intend leveraging on to promote and advertise St. Activities will be chosen by the staff with input from the residents and may include reading, listening to music, walks and traveling to movies and restaurants. Our residents are welcome to have visitors at any time between 7am and 9pm, and to plan outings whenever and wherever they choose. Through his expertise, he will be able to bring the operations of the business to profitability within its first year of operations. Table of Contents 1. The entire staff will meet with our Board of Directors three times a year to assess the staffing and other needs of the facility. We know that one of the ways of gaining approval and winning customers over is to offer our senior care services a little bit cheaper than what is obtainable in the industry and we are well prepared to survive on lower profit margin for a while.
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Nursing Home Business Plan