China and egypt

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The two sides agreed to further boost cooperation between the two countries. For his part, President Sisi stressed that Egypt places a high priority on the comprehensive strategic partnership with China.

Optional: help us by adding the time Submit Thank you for your help! According to Issa, around 1, Chinese companies of all sizes are operating in Egypt in various sectors, notably industry, information technology and economic zones.

Issa highlighted the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative in supporting Egypt's efforts to launch mega projects, especially the Suez Canal Development Project as a logistics industrial center.

The Chinese Premiere said China is willing to encourage its enterprises to invest in Egypt and to engage in cooperation in industrial capacity and processing trade via the Suez Canal industrial park for broader markets and mutual benefits. The world today witnesses unprecedented changes, as Egypt, China and other African countries have entered a new development stage where they all participate in the Belt and Road Initiative BRILiao said.

The project remains at a very early stage, but the Egyptian government predicts that the facility will begin operating from As the United States has shown a greater reluctance to provide military aid, the Kremlin has stepped into the void. Wang and Madbouly witnessed the signing of cooperation documents in fields such as agriculture, education and culture.

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Chinese companies seek trade, investment potentials in Egypt