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With a snake like stream of cars on the beach resemble a funeral procession in their black, uniform order. Even Today Citizen Kane stands out as one of the great films of all time. When it came to Welles finding a cinematographer, his choice was easy.

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Dorothy Comingore plays Susan Alexander Kane, a bubbly singer who Kane tries and fails to transform into an opera star.

To Marsh something new has come to the movie world at last.

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Gregg Essay Analysis of Shakespeare's Othello with links to Orson Welles' adaptation and Parker's version words - 6 pages barbaric murder. How about in the case of Citizen Kane. O'Hara 60 O'Hara seems to be more of an excited fan than a film critic.

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It is usual, when talking about film, to credit the director for the cinematography. Mankiewicz, filmed by Gregg Toland, Kane is brilliantly crafted remembrances of Mr. He states that Citizen Kane lacks nothing. Thus allowing them to be defeated by society. In spite of his status, he was not immune to scandal. The film has been endlessly explored and investigated, researched by countless film historians, analyzed by top scholars in its entirety, while biographers have found many links between Welles, Kane, and newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, the figure on whom Kane was based. He questions Kane's alcoholic mistress, his ailing old friend, his rich associate and the other witnesses, while the movie jumps through time. Indiana University Press, But these ideas were far too small and not controversial enough for the boy wonder who had frightened thousands of listeners with his radio broadcast. Orson Welles in Focus: Texts and Contexts. We are thenbrought through a maze of scenes that reflect one man's journey through life from Citizen Kane: Film Analysis words - 3 pages Since the beginning of the Industrial Age, Americans have idealized the journey towards economic success. Rumor had begun to build that a film about Hearst was in production at RKO and, albeit indirectly, Hearst took action to suppress it.

Orson Welles uses staging, shadows, low-key lighting, deep focus and overlapping dialogue to emphasize various aspects of the film.

Orson Welles: a critical view.

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And so, his mid-to-late career left him with the persona of an overconfident, independent genius without resources, desperately trying in his unique, bombastic way to secure funds for his latest project. But he was determined to portray a sympathetic monster, while Mankiewicz viewed Hearst as a megalomaniacal figurehead to be decapitated. The final scene which ends with a zoom out of Xanadu allows us to leave this story as we entered with a zoom in on The movie had strong performances by the whole cast, but In one scene the Xanadu fireplace belittles Susan and she is methodically completing a jigsaw The room however is huge and void, which helps to explain the relationship between Kane and his wife Susan. In this film there is many things to repesent this genre; first of all, this film is a black and white movie one of the basic elements to this kind of genre. They provide a map of Kane's life, and it keeps us oriented as the screenplay skips around in time, piecing together the memories of those who thought they knew him. The film draws remarkable parallels with his life and his relationship with his mistress. In each case, the audience must consider the subjectivity of the narrator and question whether or not they are reliable.

Synopsis The clip I have selected from Citizen Kane is a montage scene that shows the protagonist Charles Foster Kane eating breakfast with his wife Emily.

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