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Many schools offer accommodations in testing and teaching to students with dysgraphia, but these students also need ongoing, explicit instruction in handwriting, spelling, and composition. Stay Connected!

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Save Girl with ADHD sitting on floor of living room doing homework on laptop If you or your child has just been diagnosed with dysgraphiaa learning disability that affects handwriting and fine motor skills, your next step is to pursue accommodations at home or in the workplace.

The roots of phonics. Dysgraphia may occur alone or with dyslexia impaired reading disability or with oral and written language learning disability OWL LD, also referred to as selective language impairment, SLI. For dysgraphia, this involves improving: motor skills: both gross or large muscle and fine motor skills motor processing skills and enhancing visual-spatial awareness Remediation is the main focus of helping kids with dysgraphia from kindergarten through middle school.

The prefix dys indicates that there is impairment. Because dysgraphia can be affected by motor skills, visual-spatial skills and processing speeds, there are a wide variety of methods for remediating dysgraphia. Whenever possible, oral communication should be prioritized over written communication.

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Dysgraphia Treatment for Children & Adults, at School or Home