English 11 course

bc english 11 course outline

The curriculum integrates skills such as vocabulary development, spelling, grammar, usage, notetaking and study skills. Cell phones: This classroom will follow the KSS school-wide cell phone rule.

The course focuses on the skills necessary for success in responding to the English Regents taken. It culminates in the Comprehensive English Regents Examination.

11 grade english curriculum

This is a modified version of the English 10R curriculum. The course reinforces the communication skills needed to succeed in the Regent-level English program. Students also select, read and report on outside independent reading books. Does advancing your collection of literary techniques and styles interest you? Works by successful writers act as models and the class frequently participates in a peer workshop to enhance critical literary judgment. The student is expected to master various forms of communication. Self-reflection and peer evaluation are encouraged. Independent reading and homework assignments are integral and encourage students to analyze material critically.

Students write short fiction, creative nonfiction, one-act plays and poetry. Advanced Creative Writing Workshop is a course that will help those who want to build and finesse their words and uncover the artful process of writing.

If the teacher sees it once, they will ask you to put it away.

what do you learn in 11th grade english

Throughout the school year, several projects culminate in oral presentations and seminar discussions. Students will craft various genres of writing including researchbased persuasive essays, social analysis and criticism, literary analysis, and creative writing, including satire.

After studying the essential ingredients of public speaking, students write and present a variety of speeches including information based and persuasive speeches.

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English 11 Course