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Many animals were hunted to near extinction in the past. These conflicts stand only to hurt the animals. Humans have the capacity to empathize. Humans have the means to get through life without violence, however, we seem to seek it out. Uneducated hunters take out the first thing they can, often executing the shot poorly. The second call to action is that you should not be allowed to own or purchase a firearm without passing a well citizen test. There are many different kinds of conservation movements taking action nowadays, like clean water conservation, ecosystems conservation, or endangered species conservation. This attitude makes hunting extremely unattractive, and inhumane. People put nets out at night and the next night go out and harpoon it multiple times as it suffers to death and nobody knows. Shooting rare animals is looked at as a sport, most Sportsmen don 't understand what they 're doing to our wildlife population. There is also a time commitment involved in learning how to do something properly. In order to limit pain for the animals that are hunted, proper education must take place. The most unbiased information out there is the millions of people who abstain from it and are in excellent physical condition.

In this paper I would like to analyze how firearm affect our lives and if we should ban them completely or is we should only ban them a few certain types of firearms of if we should let more people have them?

Those individuals that hunt for the purpose of torturing animals may be out there on the deer stand. We should also consider that boxing is a well paid source of employment for boxers and provides many other jobs as well.

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The animals may suffer more while this conflict continues. Wild animals are not above attacking humans.

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This can be more expensive than the average options, however, hunting is also expensive. A human or family dog may not survive an accidental shot. Is hunting ethical? Animals are slaughtered in order for us to have food, and animals in zoos are not treated with care. This is especially concerning when you realize that many parents have their kids out in this environment. They may be unaware of other hunters in the area. It is not necessary to inflict this type of pain on an animal for the sheer sport of it. If meat is required, there are many places that sell organic versions. The British, began exporting them for use in pit fights against larger animals like wild boar and bulls There are certain hunting times and limits, however, people always find ways to get around these rules. Some of these animals come from zoos when they are no longer needed for breeding for breading purposes. When animals like giraffes and elephants are killed, it is only meant for showing off.

This leads to some very poor behavior in most cases. It is a pursuit of a wild fox with a pack of hounds, which are specially bred and trained for the sole purpose of fox hunting, and are followed by hunters who usually ride on horses.

The problem is the way guns are viewed.

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Even in ancient times, there was danger involved.

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10 Reasons Animal Hunting should be Banned