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You could put all of your internships and work-shadowing into one section called Key internships and use your covering letter, a short personal profile at the top of your CV or a bullet point at the end of each of your internships to explain how each one clarified your career aspirations. They show real-world experience and an ability to keep on showing up on time even when work is routine or repetitive. CV checklist Have you included a current phone number and an email address that you check regularly? The employer wants a snapshot of you as an academic in this section - not a summary of 15 years' worth of your school reports. Education and Qualifications This section can be longer if you need to fill up space, or shorter if you have a lot of work experience to outline, but you should always list your University, the title of your degree, the year you earned it or expect to earn it, and a brief summary of your GCSE results. Employment or work experience Also most recent first. Modules that show numerical ability could be relevant for a range of jobs, including in finance. CVs for other countries Conventions vary, so take advice from your careers service. If you proposed an idea, say briefly what it was, whether it was implemented and what the impact was. In each case, you should put your name and contact details at the top. Well, that would be their education, of course.

Your education: Write your education in reverse chronological order, so start with your university degree. CV tips Provide clearly written content presented in a clean and efficient style. When you write your CV, analyse the language the employer uses and echo it. This is particularly likely in technical roles, for example in engineering and IT.

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After all, you want to make your skills and knowledge as visually appealing as possible. For example, you might have done a number of internships in a range of industries to decide on the perfect career and employer.

If you don't have much or any work experience, read through our section on dealing with lack of experience to see how you can work around it. If you really feel that your CV needs an introduction, we suggest a brief Key achievements section, as this is more likely to be focused and succinct, and provide the kind of concrete detail that employers like.

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Personal Details This should be short, no more than a sentence or two, and will ideally communicate both what you are looking for in a position, and what you have to offer. The risk is that a profile or personal statement can come across as generic, bland and waffly, and employers may find them off-putting. To keep the recruiter reading sprinkle your CV with industry keywords and highlight them. A term that is often used in relation to the graduate employment market is 'transferable skills' and this section is where you need to throw light on those skills which might include leadership, project management, communication and presentation skills. Step six: make any gaps part of your story On a graduate CV, you do not have to make sure that every university holiday is accounted for, but if there are unusual or unaccounted for periods of time on your CV such as taking an extra year or two to complete your degree or a year of unemployment , employers will clock them. Provide details of how your reached decision, planned activities and worked with other to achieve results. Take a look at how to write a CV. Make sure you outline the background to the task, the actions you took and your personal results. In specific fields, it may be appropriate to include a one or two sentence quote in this section from a previous employer regarding your work.
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