How to write a senior memory book

What happened to change that? Make the reader see the various places you lived. The curse we stayed on was carnival sensation.

Senior memory book cover ideas

Things that have moved me… 4. The rooms we live in and how we decorate them are as revealing as our clothing. Rewind the reality film of your life to find one scene that best captures this time of transition. Why would you like to see this person now? Make every word count on this one! My personal favorites…. Is there a story behind your naming?

As the folder is returned to you with the marked rubric, you will remove that chapter and use the folder for the next chapter. I maneuver around holidays, teacher work days, etc.

So with me doing that everyday she would send me to the office and they would call my mom in I would be in big trouble. Also explain what it symbolizes for you. My mom would tell me to stay away from them if they are fighting because they were just keeping me in trouble.

senior memory book school bells

Write metaphorical definitions of ten different abstract nouns. As always, be specific. Carter classroom and she was saying how much she was going to miss us because she said we where her babies so the next school year we was in middle school living it up.

Did you become active in sports during this time?

i grew up here senior memory book

What was the neighborhood like? That daycare was fun; we played all day, fed us some ravole at lunch time, took naps, and played outside.

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