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Fostering relationships with readers, other writers, and a broader range of people who make up the writing community has immense benefits. The Pleasantest Thing gives us many variations of this alphabet game in her guest post! How to teach it: 1. I appreciate it! Here are 16 alphabet activities to work on the sounds of the letters! Get to know the kind of music your students listen to. Collect a list of sounds and burn them on a CD or play relevant sounds from Soundbible. What other books do you want to see on the blog? Celebrate your kids by helping them realize their own absolutely incredible qualities! Use them as regular handouts, with a page protector for dry erase, or laminate them and use velcro to attach them to the wall in your calming area. Here is a list of books that are higher interest, but on a lower reading level. Multi-Sensory Teaching— A few years ago I had SO much fun putting together a 5-day series on teaching reading in a multi-sensory way. Looking for an offline writing community? These provide amazing opportunities for alphabet games to do at home! The chapter includes tips, too!

What makes you unique? When I feel that way, I know I need to change my thinking to a different mindset.

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Lots of writers are conventional, social, and extroverted. Connecting with Other Writers With the Internet, connecting with the writing community is a snap. Step 3: Encourage Productive Struggle In the safe environment of your home or class, give children time to think through their challenges, brainstorm solutions, and seek help if needed. Here is a list of books that are higher interest, but on a lower reading level. Here are 16 alphabet activities to work on the sounds of the letters! Pull out your own notebook and model the strategy. Your fellow writers will relate to small accomplishments and celebrate them with you. You will need a writing notebook for you and one for your child, two writing utensils, and examples of prior writing your child has done. Here are a few ways you can do this: Use music. Ask your child or students if they Step 2: Discuss Feelings Discuss how positive feelings such as satisfaction, contentment, and happiness come from persisting through challenges and not giving up when it gets difficult. Included in the resources are articles and resources to encourage parents or teachers of struggling readers. When we surround ourselves with other writers, we enjoy camaraderie and make new friends—people who sympathize with our writing struggles and lend a bit of writerly advice. Some consider their writing an art. On the other hand, making journal writing a daily affair is ideal for getting into the momentum.

Make learning the ABCs a big event! Lots of writers are conventional, social, and extroverted.

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Suddenly, it jerks. Step 1: Praise for a Growth Mindset Praise for perseverance in problem-solving rather than being smart or talented. Often, struggling readers complain that the books on their level are baby-ish.

An active way for the kids to learn their letters is simply with a ball and shouting out words that start with a letter! I prompted my daughter to think of and answer her own questions.

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You remain calm as you think it may be air turbulence in the sky. Negative feelings happen to everyone and are perfectly normal. This time, she had a question without my prompting her.

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