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Students are responsible for securing an appropriate project which they will lead. Simulations Lean Six Sigma Overview Course In this popular course, you will gain a broad understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, and language.

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Also no information was researched, or was found to be available, as to the "success" of recipients of the certification. There is a wide variation in job duties of the various belts. After completing this course, you should be able to: Understand how Lean Methods and Six Sigma are integrated into a single process improvement initiative to achieve higher quality and greater process speed. Go to our Yellow Belt page for schedule and registration information and contact Susan Chapman for a coupon code at or cqas rit. Note: If you do not have an opportunity to do a Six Sigma project at work or do not have a job at all, talk to the instructor. Or will you be working as a Six Sigma expert, whether as a consultant or training and managing Six Sigma teams? Unlike many other certifications such as Project Management PMI , there is no one authorizing agency which lists a body of knowledge BOK and a set of requirements for Six Sigma certification. Green Belt certification also requires completion of a sponsored project with significant return-on-investment. This question only applies to Black Belt Certification since this is the only certification program with pre-requisites.

You should seek Six Sigma Black Belt training. It is important to carefully compare the curriculums before choosing a program.

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The cost of six sigma training is often deductible as a business expense for engineers and consultants. Industry specific courses are offered for LSS certifications.

Both sides have proponents and detractors who can cite various situations in which one system may produce better results than the other.

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You may be able to work with companies that hire interns from the college; you gain valuable experience while they would benefit from the project. Selected recent quotes from our alums: "An excellent introduction to a complex yet extremely useful subject.

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