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There were two styles of harp: the Bardic harp and the Neo-Irish harp. Songs are sung with free rhythm, the singer speeds up or slows down to suit the words which may sometimes sound distorted.

This method, unlike the oral tradition which had existed up until then, did not allow for particular nuances in style and some of these were lost.

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In the early s, a psychologist named. Limerickwhere he learned to play the traditional fiddle. He studied music in University College Cork. But the Premier was backed by the building and property industry. The audio below features some Horslips excerpts. The style is deeply rooted in the rhythms of the Gaelic language and in the metres and rhythms of Gaelic poetry.

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The songs also tend to have a narrower range. Extra meaningless syllable are sometimes added to words and some singers slow down at the end while others speak the final line of the song.

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