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Once you have downloaded or opened a letter template file, type over the text in the file to create your own, personalized letter. Pressing enter will accept the text into your doucment.

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Click on the TAB button at the bottom left of the dialog window. Add your personal information to the template to create cover letters you can use for a variety of types of job applications. When you mouse is hovering over a font style, the characters in your document will reflect the change. From here you can pick the format you would like today's date to take when it is placed in the document. Warning Use caution when downloading Community Templates. When you mouse is hovering over a color the document will reflect the change. Set the font size to 11 and change the style to Arial or Times New Roman. Click the radio button for the correct alignment that the text should do at that tab stop.

Writing Preliminaries Start the business letter with your contact information, including your name, job title, address, phone number and email.

This will depend on the purpose of the letter and the recipient.

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The address block should contain the persons name whom you are contacting, their official title, the name of the company, the street address or po box, and the city, state and zip code. You can also highlight the hyperlink text and then right click and click on remove hyperlink. When you click on the drop down, only those colors that are associated with the theme you have selected are displayed. Write the date in the month, day, year format. A left tab stop will be created. The dimensions are usually listed as columns x rows. Serif fonts are usually better for printed materials. Press TAB and then type in your phone number.

Choose a clip art from the list of graphics that comes up. Click on the Quick Parts button. Microsoft does not monitor all of these documents and some may contain viruses or malicious code.

Type in the place you want the cursor to jump to when you press TAB.

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Create Your Own Template If you can't find a template that suits your needs, or perhaps you want to merge some elements of a couple of templates, you can create your own. Notice that the ruler at the top of the page will show the boundaries of the table.

Some of the templates were created by Microsoft, while others were contributed by Microsoft Office community members and affiliates. When you mouse is hovering over a font style, the characters in your document will reflect the change. Using a template can help you ensure that you include all the necessary details in your letter.

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Free Microsoft Word Letter Templates