Modernization theory and dependency theory

Rostow on his staff and outsider John Kenneth Galbraith for ideas on how to promote rapid economic development in the " Third World ", as it was called at the time.

Modernization theory and dependency theory similarities

Modernization theory assumes that countries which are underdeveloped remain in this state because of a failure to industrialise Harrison, However, rather than replicating the stages of developed nations, whose roots of modernization are found with the context of industrialization or colonialism , underdeveloped nations should apply proximal interventions to target rural communities and focus on prevention strategies rather than curative solutions. Joshi, S. Cell phones, for example, have changed the lives of millions throughout the world. Kennedy proclaimed the s the "Development Decade" and substantially increased the budget for foreign assistance. Modernization theory and dependency theory are very contrasting and do not share similar outlooks on development, which makes their differences of major importance. Then once they have taken off, they have the forward drive to technological maturity. At the same time, both Modernization and Dependency theories underline that the relationships between developed and developing countries is unequal and there exist a kind of dependence of developing countries on developed ones, though the views on this dependence vary considerably. These class divisions consist of workers and the owners of production sources within these divisions. That's what you did.

And they'll be just like us. This demonstrates one major difference between the two theories which is important when understanding their outlooks on development.

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So production shifts from building factories and building capital and generating all the economic base that you need, to then produce more consumer goods. In this respect, it is possible to refer to Modernization theory and Dependency theory which, being quite different, still have certain similarities in their views on the modern world and relationships between developed and developing countries. Countries that are seen as modern are also seen as developed, which means that they are generally more respected by institutions such as the United Nations and even as possible trade partners for other countries. Passe-Smith, T. Origins[ edit ] Sociological theories of the late 19th century such as Social Darwinism provided a basis for asking what were the laws of evolution of human society. And the society becomes more rational, more organized, towards efficient economic production. Society is really getting capitalism. That is just not possible, considering the situation. Traditional stage, society is tied to the past. Dependency theorists have argued that first world development is not as advantageous to the third world as it is generally suggested. Conclusion Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Modernization theory and Dependency theory are similar in their views on the modern world. Comes along and says, oh that's cute.

It is worthy of mention that the comparison of these theories will help better understand the current trends in international relations and the future perspectives of the world. So economic activity becomes oriented towards markets.

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That dramatic change through the centuries that has evolved socially, industrially, and economically, can be summed up by the term modernization. In the Rostow version in his The Stages of Economic Growth progress must pass through five stages, and for underdeveloped world the critical stages were the second one, the transition, the third stage, the takeoff into self-sustaining growth.

Structural thinking was all the rage. In fact it has been noticed that the major differences between the Modernization Theory and Dependency Theory exist from the origin of the Dependency Theory itself which have been created in response to the Modernization Theory Theory, Dependency Theory v.

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Rienner Publishers, Boulder. Because tradition prevents people from wanting to adopt new ways of doing things. What is meant here is the fact that Modernization theory underlines the necessity of borrowing the experience of western countries by developing countries of the Third world Scott

Criticism of modernization theory

Cell phones, for example, have changed the lives of millions throughout the world. Comes along and says, oh that's cute. Well for starters, stage one, is the traditional stage. And when this happens, family and community ties begin to lose their strength. Telephony, television broadcasts, news services and online service providers have played a crucial part in globalization. Another fact which both theories state is that there exist an unequal relationship and association between the developed and developing countries. Kennedy relied on economists W. Speaking about the similarities, it is primarily necessary to point out that both theories pay a lot of attention to the gap existing between developed countries and undeveloped ones belonging to the third world. Overview[ edit ] Modernization theory both attempts to identify the social variables that contribute to social progress and development of societies and seeks to explain the process of social evolution. So the Dependency Theory is really a recognition of a complex and interconnected global economy, such that some nations became rich only at the expense of, and only because others became poor. The functionalist view in relation to deviance is a belief that anyone can be convicted of a crime. And Modernization Theory is essentially a defense of capitalism some have critiqued. As Tipps has argued, by conflating modernization with other processes, with which theorists use interchangeably democratization, liberalization, development , the term becomes imprecise and therefore difficult to disprove. For example, a celebrity and a homeless man could both be convicted for the same crime.
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Modernization Theory and Dependency Theory