Plan market research related to and appropriate for a selected sports business

Assignment 1 different sport organisations unit 25

It operates one showroom in the local area at its headquarters in the near west end. On the retail side, we believe our large selection and inventory, our staff's technical knowledge, and our unique customer service will help us compete against our competitors in the local market. This is the importance of market research because you can be able to find out useful data, that maybe beneficial for your organisation. They used another marketing technique in the process of doing this, and this marketing technique is called product development. However, this research method mainly collects qualitative data because it focuses on the reasons behind a decision. The course explores the social, cultural, ethical, and legal issues of advertising, historical influences, strategies, media decision processes as well as integrated marketing communications, and careers in advertising and sales promotion. In this case apparel companies Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas, which are all completely related to sports, design the uniforms of these teams and in this way, promote their trademarks every time there is an event. Customers might respond poorly if the questions in the questionnaire are too long, therefore the questions needs to be short and brief to give customers enough time to answer. This refers to marketing something that is of benefit to the public, and is normally done by government or charities rather than private sector organizations. Reliable information will help them to develop a successful marketing plan because it will give them an insight of what they market they are about to get into is all about. This module considers the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods in subject contexts, and allows students to develop skills in the collection, analysis and reporting of relevant data. This will help generate sales because the customers will be able to test the ball to know how good it is, and if they likely the quality of the product then they will buy it.

However, this research method mainly collects qualitative data because it focuses on the reasons behind a decision. A functioning site search engine that helps customers locate product also needs to be added to the internet site. The module also allows students to analyse their own management and leadership skills and devise a personal plan which will allow them to develop these further.

New and accessible ways to view sports, from mobile to social to VR, means there is less incentive for fans to attend events in person, while more expectation is placed on sports stars to pull off an authentic natural voice for their brands.

All employees will be developed for growth and advancement, and compensated fairly with effective training that will enable them to confidently service and sell the customer. Apple and Play station has used this technique effectively in marketing their products, for example apple releases a new iphone called iphone 5s when they released the iphone 5 not too long ago but however, they developed the new product by adding a new feature to it in order to push the sales for the product.

This is a very secure system, which will attract more customers because everyone wants to be able to unlock their phone using their finger print.

describe a basic cash flow for a selected business

Initially, this sales task will be transferred to the new managing owner, John Johnson.

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