Short essay on rising price

In other words, the level of consumption tends to increase with increases in income. In the pre-independence days, a clerk got only Rs.

Short essay on rising price

They make a economic activities uncertain and unstable, causing great unrest in the minds of the people. Why are petrol prices rising in India? Secondly, the prices of different things rise if their supply becomes less because of strikes of workers, closure of factories, floods, the absence of rainfall, and so on. They are charging the maximum price in place of reasonable price to gain maximum profit. All that we produce with imported materials raw materials like electric bulbs and fans and medicines become highly expensive. We also need the support of the social workers and other public minded citizens to keep a watch on the unethical practices of shopkeepers.. Then it can pay higher salaries, and wages to its workers. In a developing economy a certain rise in prices in inevitable for at least three major reasons. There should be an atmosphere of peace everywhere. One has to live from hand to mouth.

Thirdly, tax burdens on the public should be reduced. Lastly, heavy government taxes and duties on goods produced inside the country and imported from abroad cause a rise in the price level.

Food grains have not increased in proportion of increase in population.

debate on price rise

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Essay On Rising Prices