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He discusses how South Park even though seems simple it is a very thoughtful program on television that discusses many social issues.

Still, some of my findings were conflicting as I had to choose what I felt were the most credible sources to document.

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My secondary sources were also a major help in my research as I found plenty of television histories, oral histories, and biographies. Whatever its possibilities or whatever its limitations, one thing you may be certain of: there is not only national but worldwide interest in the great promise of television as a postwar art and a postwar industry.

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Once on the verge of collapse, and unwanted by television, the NBA has rebounded to become quite possibly the most popular league in the nation. Yet television fed that insatiable need and the world came back for everything television could offer. In order to resolve the problem what is known as cable television was introduced in However, as times passed, the channels of television changed. Often, popular televisions shows are a reflection of apprehension and dissatisfaction that numerous of Americans experience in their routines Photograph: BBC Perhaps a clue to the vividness of that memory is the potent ambivalence it evokes. It is also interesting to learn how much or how little the government was involved in the emergence of television. When I was a child it was trumpeted that British drama — gritty, naturalistic and socially engaged — was far superior to that of, well, anywhere else, but in particular television in America. So television will continue to beguile and bore, frustrate and fascinate for the foreseeable future. In other words, kids spent most of their time watching television and not studying.

Among the many things that TV has reshaped are the dimensions of our bodies. This seems bizarre, if you think about society's priorities, but it's a common situation today throughout large parts of the developing world.

Technology has gone from colorless block televisions and giant computer to computers you could fit on your fingertip and televisions that are flat and 3 Dimensional It is now possible to get news from the other corner of the world.

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The History of Television Essay