The art of ancient greece

Vessels and jewellery were produced to high standards, and exported far afield. All adult male citizens participated in the elections and meetings of the assembly, which served as both the seat of government and a court of law.

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The Athenians organized a confederacy of allies to ensure the freedom of the Greek cities in the Aegean islands and on the coast of Asia Minor.

Pottery was the main form of grave goods deposited in tombs, often as "funerary urns" containing the cremated ashes, and was widely exported. Part of the fascination of Greek art is that its themes were taken up by artists down the centuries, as the myths of this culture were constantly being rediscovered.

Ancient greek architecture

Typically, the people of ancient Greece did not worship inside their temples as we do today. These were shown much larger than the previous figures. In architecture, the Corinthian—characterized by ornate, vegetal column capitals—first came into vogue. These were probably rarely, if ever, worn in life, but were given as votives and worn in death. In much of the literature, "pottery" means only painted vessels, or "vases". But the sculptor had strange ideas about ruins and time. Goddesses from the east pediment of the Parthenon c BC Three goddesses from east pediment of the Parthenon. Greek sculpture. Or is it? In earlier periods even quite small Greek cities produced pottery for their own locale. It had also developed into the first democracy. So all his crew plug their ears, and Odysseus has himself lashed to the mast. The famous and distinctive style of Greek vase-painting with figures depicted with strong outlines, with thin lines within the outlines, reached its peak from about to BC, and divides into the two main styles, almost reversals of each other, of black-figure and red-figure painting, the other colour forming the background in each case.

The Dionysus Cup by Exekias c BC Dionysus, god of wine and madness, sails on his boat, surrounded by dolphins, in this delightful painting. His treatise, the Canon, is now lost, but one of his most important sculptural works, the Diadoumenos, survives in numerous ancient marble copies of the bronze original This powerful painting captures the tension as Odysseus strains at his bonds, his whole body agonised, his head raised in rapt listening.

Translated from the Greek… A youth preparing for the cavalcade, left, from the north frieze of the Parthenon, cBC.

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Earlier statues of people had looked awkward and fake, but by the classical period they looked natural, almost at ease.

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Ancient Greek Art