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This movie is all serious drama, with a villain named Bane whose Hannibal Lecterish face-muzzle robs him of personality. It was followed in by The Dark Knightin which Heath Ledger takes the story to exhilarating heights of terror as the demonic Joker, an implacable enemy of Batman and mankind, part Lucifer, part Loki, part Osama bin Laden.

Catwoman is a freelance burglar who's always looking out for number one, and Miranda is a do-gooder environmentalist; both are drawn irresistibly to Bruce, who is not only still a bachelor but has spent the last eight years as a hermit, walled up in Wayne Manor with the loyal Alfred.

Start with the reactionary politics and that franchisefeeder of an ending. It brings Wayne's story to a suitably epic conclusion while at the same time offering the dramatic imbroglios, action set pieces, twists and surprises the form demands.

The dark knight returns rotten tomatoes

John Blake is an upstanding, responsible, loyal cop who always tries his best to do the right thing. Bruce isn't perfect, and he often makes mistakes especially about whom to trust , but he summons his courage for the good of Gotham, even though it comes at considerable personal cost to him, both physically and emotionally. In a spectacular opening, far superior to the not dissimilar pre-credit sequence Roald Dahl devised for the Bond movie You Only Live Twice, a plane used by the CIA for extraordinary rendition of alleged terrorists is hijacked in mid-air by a larger aircraft. He doesn't have superhuman strength; he's a rich man with some nifty gadgets and an extraordinary need to protect the citizens of Gotham -- as well as avenge the anger that drives him. Now two people will draw Batman out of his self-imposed retirement: cat burglar Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway and Bane Tom Hardy , a masked terrorist with a brutal plan for punishing Gotham City. For a nearly three-hour-long movie, The Dark Knight Rises clips along at a brisk pace. This is a dark and heavy film; it tests the weight a superhero movie can bear. Violence Like The Dark Knight, this movie has frequent, cringe-inducingly realistic violence on top of the standard, high-octane action violence that's so prevalent in superhero films. What does it mean to be good? Still, there are enough brawls, chases, and stuff going boom to satisfy hungry action fans. The parents' guide to what's in this movie.

That he does it without using 3D is admirable. Language Language includes infrequent use of words including "damn," "bitch," "hell," and "sons of bitches," as well as "Jesus" as an exclamation and insults such as "idiot," "stupid," and "hag.

This is aided by a valedictory feel to the first act, with everything freighted with the knowledge of its finality and a sense that this will not end well.

the dark knight rotten tomatoes
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