The difference in cultures essay

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What is the culture of the East and the West? When segmenting target groups for a product or service, businesses have to spend time on examining the cultural expectations and values of different groups. In fact, face-to-face meetings normally are suggested as the way to work through whatever troubles exist.

The difference in cultures essay

This could be a culture that exists side by side with yours in your town or city, or a culture that exists on the other side of the world. Hoffman Estates, ssheikh6 mail. Moral Relativism is generally used to describe the differences among various cultures that influence their morality and ethics. Aberdeen and Fort Bend both have great opportunities but differ in many ways. I experienced cultural shock, when I travelled to northern part of India, during my college days. What is the culture of the East and the West? The second difference is in education.

Most people assume only climate and slang are the major difference in the two, however they could not be more wrong. In the East, time feels like it has boundless continuity, an unraveling rather than a firm boundary.

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Its roots stem from Confucian beliefs of organized society through togetherness. Some have proposed a parallel between the importance on personal accountability in North American settings and the land. Germans tend to focus immediately on the task at hand, and let relationships develop as they work on the task. The work of Hofstede focuses on how perceptions and values influence the way people interact and react to each other with the help of five cultural dimensions. The rebels Cultural differences, power and ethics What are ethical norms and how do they differ from other norms? How does culture affect business? Cross-cultural communication can be outlined and verified by instances of thoughts, approaches, and behaviors linking four dissimilar variables: Time and Space Face and Face-Saving Nonverbal Communication As ones knowledge with these dissimilar starting points' goes up, they are cultivating cultural fluency or an consciousness of the ways cultures function in communication and disagreement, and the capability to respond efficiently to these dissimilarities LeBaron, Some cultures see conflict as a good thing, while others view it as something to be circumvented. In: Popular topics The definition like the Eastern culture and the Western culture seems to have the same origin. Conclusion 18 9. It is a tool to measure the power difference between levels in organization. Business benefits of Cultural Intelligence 16 8.

At the same time, the Western culture is developed every day. Another significant variable affecting communication across cultures is fate and personal responsibility.

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Cultural Interiew - Words Cultural Interview Assignment Linfield College The subject of my interview is Sanjay who is an extraordinarily talented physician from India with whom I have had the pleasure to work for approximately four years. These different groups, therefore, learned to keep to themselves and developed their own languages.

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