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Crowe was not able to talk to Wigand about his experiences because he was still bound by his confidentiality agreement during much of the film's development period.

Roth's initial impressions of Wigand were that he came across as unlikable and defensive.

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They say, 'Why don't we make more movies like this? Pascagoula is known as the Flagship City of the Mississippi Gulf for its shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, and seafood industry.

September 4, The Insider The motion picture "The Insider" is an accounting of the events leading up to and surrounding Dr. Based on this script, Mann approached Roth to help him co-write The Insider.

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However, The Insider had limited appeal to younger moviegoers studio executives reportedly said the prime audience was over the age of 40 and the subject matter was "not notably dramatic," according to marketing executives.

Get Flash View the trailer Dr. It's an All the President's Men in which Deep Throat takes center stage, an insider prodded to spill the truth".

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The Insider (film)