The positive and negative aspects of multiculturalism in canada

Canada was the first country in the world to pass a national multiculturalism law. The extremist group called "Toronto 18" is used as an example for the press on how individuals that grown up in social contexts that were committed to multiculturalism has failed radicalization.

Diversity is tolerated and encouraged, but only within a framework that establishes the unquestioned supremacy of French in the language and culture of Quebec. The idea that there is lack of Canadian identity, therefore, is false because it may not be occasioned by multicultural policies as the statistics demonstrated.

It is a healthy sign that! Well-educated immigrants expect a degree of success and protection for having taken the risk to immigrate and Canadians are not as forthcoming with regards to wanting to provide this security.

social benefits of multiculturalism in canada

Firstly, voting in the national elections and holding high public office remain attached to citizenship. This might be because the government is responsive to the demands of citizens and the high levels of activism collective action in the homegrown population. In his view, multiculturalism programs and activities should concentrate on battling racism, establishing inclusion and funding community programs that sensitize children to each other and stress not the differences that divide them but the similarities that unite them.

Therefore, liberal democratic states must provide to immigrants an arrangement of legal rights equal to citizens, except for the right to vote or to run for high office. Thus immigrants and Canadians, outside Quebec, are more inclined toward Federalism. Inthe Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage issued Nova Scotia's Culture Action Plan, which outlines various ways to promote cultural diversity, including: updating the province's Act to Promote and Preserve Multiculturalism; improving access to early childhood development intervention programs for Indigenous, Acadian and Francophone, African Nova Scotian, and immigrant families; and strengthening the province's cultural offices.

Once these notions are understood, the next step should be to identify common grounds of each individual in terms of music, beliefs and knowledge. A Multiculturalism Secretariat was established under the direction and control of the minister and through which the minister administers and carries out the provisions of this Act.

Quebec would declare itself a francophone, pluralistic society, yet one that is mindful of cultural differences.

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Essay about The Aspects of Multiculturalism in Canada