The primary cause of the hundred years war

Seward, Desmond.

why did the hundred years war start

However, disagreements between Philip and Edward induced the former to confiscate the latter's lands in France, and in turn prompted Edward III to reassert his claim to the French throne. Phillip II of France demanded liege homage from the lords of these territories as way of asserting his dominion.

who won the hundred years war

The dissatisfaction of English noblesresulting from the loss of their continental landholdings, as well as the general shock at losing a war in which investment had been so great, became factors leading to the Wars of the Roses — Divina Commedia.

Possession of Flanders remained the outstanding issue. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Nichols, Stephen G.

which statement accurately describes the hundred years war

Edward would normally be considered a stronger candidate, as he was the closet relative to the Capet line from which Charles descended.

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Hundred Years' War