To kill a mockinbird newspaper article

The crime of rape is a capital offense in the United States of America, meaning that if Tom is found guilty, he will be executed. Now I have the chance too. Robinson is Atticus Finch, a lawyer who resides in Maycomb.

To kill a mockinbird newspaper article

She tried to explain what happened on November 21, but burst into tears, claiming that she was afraid that Mr. Tom Robinson sat down and Atticus started the questioning. Why dont you tell the truth child, didnt Bob Ewell beat you up?. He says on that day he was walking past Mayella on the porch but she had asked him to come inside to fix some door hinges not to chop up a chifferobe. Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed. Something tears at her costume Jem breaks free and carries Scout almost all the way to the road when he is dragged back Scout hears a crunching noise and then Jem screaming when she runs back towards him she is grabbed. Ewell ran up to him claiming that some black man had rape his daughter.

The Abbottsville Fire Truck appeared shortly to put out the blaze. He had to serve time in prison because he couldnt pay the fine of being charged with disorderly conduct. When he asked the accuser if she remembers him hitting he, she announced, I just dont remember, I just dont remember It all happened so quick.

Atticus Finch stood up.

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Link Deas, he explained. In this small town, Tom Robinson, a black man, husband, and father of two is on trial for his life for the crime of rape. What courage by the young lady. In reply to Atticus, Mr.

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Gilmer declared he had no further questions for the witness, but then Attricus Finch stood up to take his turn with Mr. Bob Ewell ambushed them on their walk home and rendered them helpless. When Finch asked Robinson if he raped Mayella Ewell, the entire courtroom held its breath. Thomas Robinson. I did not, suh. He brought up the fact that all of the testimony from Mayella and Robert Ewell conflicted with Tom Robinsons, and that convicting him on only their word is not fair, stating all of the witnesss answers had been flatly contradicted by the defendant. That is when Tom said he ran. The defense then verified whether or not Ewell agreed with the sheriffs testimony of his daughters injuries. I seen what happened.

Atticus Finch first asked Robinson if he had ever been in trouble with the law before, to which he responded yes.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Newspaper Project