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Advertisement The Boeing jetliner has been grounded around the world since mid-March after two crashes killed people. Spirit Airlinesthe low-cost airline that goes head-to-head with United in some of its hubs, fell nearly 7 percent. That could ripple out to other airlines, which might be forced to compete, creating a snowballing fare war.

United said it expects to cancel flights in April because of the parked Boeing planes. Perhaps aware of how failing to provide forecasts can rattle investors, United executives gave plenty of detailed projections in its presentation. The plan has resulted in almost universal criticism from financial analysts.

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VIDEO Squawk on the Street United Airlines ' plan to grow aggressively over the next several years was aimed at getting investors even more jazzed about its stock, which was already rallying more than its peers' this year.

While United's leaders can do some things to lower expenses and keep profits growing, they will have little control over fuel expenses, which jumped more than 20 percent in the fourth quarter of compared to a year ago. Some analysts fretted about how and when the plan would expand the airline's margins, especially as fuel prices touch multi-year highs.

They said some of the 16 additional Max jets they expected to get this year might be delayed. Conclusion: United is pursuing a well-planned and professional strategy that will benefit employees and shareholders. United said it expects to cancel flights in April because of the parked Boeing planes.

Related Tags. In many cases, consumers in smaller communities are finding that the levels of scheduled service that the local airport can support simply cannot compete, qualitatively or quantitatively with those at larger airports within even as much as a minute drive.

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Chief Operations Officer Gregory Hart said United has long trained its Boeing pilots how to respond to the type of nose-down pitch that led to the October crash in Indonesia and the March crash in Ethiopia. See the United PerksPlus terms and conditions for more information Automatic renewal United PerksPlus is an annual program and your membership will automatically renew. Customers in the U. Contrary to the dire warnings of over-capacity, these are not long shots for United or American or Delta to fill seats at viable fare levels. Visit the United Club and lounges page for more information on the United Club network. But will that be enough? United's earnings top expectations but some analysts are worried its growth would end up hurting the airline.
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United's Expansion Strategy Is Sound Planning