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This essay will argue that nuclear power is a suitable source for energy generation. According to the Department of Energy, the United States has invested 60 years of their time into nuclear power!

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But why have we done so? But an important source of energy is often overlooked, nuclear energy. The Castle Bravo test in produced a larger yield than expected, which contaminated nearby islands, a Japanese fishing boat with one fatality , and raised concerns about contaminated fish in Japan. If so, then, plant by plant, our current road may take us there. This explosion can cause a massive obliteration within a very short time. However, the use of the term, cold pasteurization, to describe irradiated foods is controversial, because pasteurization and irradiation are fundamentally different processes, although the intended end results can in some cases be similar. Germany announced an accelerated shutdown of its nuclear reactors, with broad public support, and Japan made a similar declaration, perhaps with less conviction. It was not until the 's that scientist got a better grasp of the technology, and unlocked its potential. Consequently, several major problems with nuclear energy need to be evaluated by the U. Not all of the challenges of nuclear technology have been solved. The viability of nuclear power plants has been a topic of debate since their inception, with many both for and against it. Nuclear energy is a process in which atoms are split, producing heat, which boils water. This is why they are widely used. In the case of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident in , the calamity came as a complete and utter shock to the people involved.

It seems that people who believe solar and wind power to be the answer are seriously misinformed about how ineffective those methods are and just how effective nuclear power is A majority of the time, nuclear plants run off the fission of one of three elements: UraniumUraniumor Plutonium When you don 't have it, that 's all you think about.

Today, roughly 60 nuclear plants are under construction worldwide, which will add about 60, megawatts of generating capacity -- equivalent to a sixth of the world's current nuclear power capacity.

Air conditioners, computers, televisions, microwaves, and many other appliances have become necessities for Americans. It is the name of the power plant that experienced what is considered to be the worst nuclear power accident in history.

A comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages makes it easy to see how nuclear technology is the way forward. Countries who own these weapons of mass destruction are at risk for accidents and being targeted by other countries for being a threat.

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Consequently, several major problems with nuclear energy need to be evaluated by the U. Jobs are increasingly discussed in energy, as they have long been in other business policy. Two scientists, an American and Canadian respectively, Harry Daghlian and Louis Slotin , died after mishandling the same plutonium mass. With newer technologies and processes such as the use of nuclear fission, however, harnessing nuclear energy has become a safe practice. Although in , the Soviet Union declared its intention of a no first use policy but it did not really stop them from deploying and upgrading their weapons. Everything from small handheld weapons to large remote control bombs. In order for this energy to be released, however, it must be subjected to either nuclear fusion, the combination of several atoms to form one larger atom, or to nuclear fission, the division of larger atoms into several smaller atoms. Nuclear energy may have its efficient and positive side, but when people in-charge of it do not take proper care of it or lose control over, it can cause mayhem. In this era, energy is an important topic.

An advantage is that the object may be sealed in plastic before sterilization. However, nuclear energy damages the earth to an extent that could remain for several million years. To prevent limiting energy in the future, alternative energy sources must be developed.

Department of Energy.

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What would be the ideal source of energy is something that does not pollute the environment, is cost effective and produces a high yield of energy.

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