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You really want to know then. So they will always come. Parag is a turnaround specialist who has transformed loss-making and nascent businesses into scale-able and profitable ones.

You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. With these two principles, itself I think one can do very well.

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When they realised that things were not as solid as they appeared, three scooted. I was not the only banker, there were many bankers, but I was there every day.

So that is okay. Try and think of the other side.

No one had thought what brand Patanjali could become, both in terms of market share and in terms of revenue. But if you think of the other side, they will talk to an honest man, a consistent man, a knowledgeable person, and someone who will keep him out of trouble, and if in trouble, will stand by him. This has nothing to do with the long term. Try and think of the other side. The other person may have no connection with it. He shares some of his principles such as pursuing excellence, and the importance of being there for the client at difficult times. You can also follow us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn. The headline numbers I read every day but when I go around the country, when I meet particularly smaller businessmen, some of them who are entering the business, I find a different picture. You really want to know then. That it would grow into such a mighty oak, nobody knew because it was also a matter of unfolding opportunities which could not all be seen at one go. But if you give time to people when they need it most, they will still value the relationship. And if in trouble, that person will stand by you.

Ltd and Tata Motors. He has keen interest in several subjects outside his core activity such as behavioral science, economic and national development and scientific spirituality.

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