Vehicle drive train systems essay

drive shaft diagram

Such archi-tectures need new switching and reliability features. Gyroscopes consists of a spinning mass i. This means that the total future power de-mand of a typical advanced vehicle could roughly reach a value as high as 10 kW.

This is no gimmick.

how a drive shaft works

Issues such as heat transfer and protection also require a detailed investigation before the V architecture becomes practicable in the auto industry. Internal combustion engines require fuel to create a combustion reaction which powers the engine.

The calculations also omitted the energy required to manufacture the battery, which is currently a lot — according to a study by the Swedish Ministry for the Environment, the associated emissions are equivalent to those caused by driving a vehicle with a combustion engine for several years.

drivetrain problems

The resulting designs in turn impose significantly more severe requirements on parts shape and dimension; and material surface flatnesswavinessroughnessand porosity.

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