Why i dance

Performing means you can be creative, daring and be anything that you want to be. We compiled their responses in a campaign, aptly titled WhyIDance.

Why is dance important

Dance has given me forever friends. Another positive about social dancing is I have gotten to meet many different and interesting people. Lily I started pole dancing because I heard it was good core exercise and I always found it hard to motivate myself to exercise, so I thought I'd try something new. We compiled their responses in a campaign, aptly titled WhyIDance. So why do we dance? Connection to the music, connection to your partner, connection to your soul. I dance because it completes me! Every time I dance. I enjoy seeing people gain confidence in things that they thought they could never do, like perform for an audience. You can forget about anything that is happening in your daily life and it brings you happiness as you are only focusing on the now. I dance because it makes me happy, and when I hear from people who feel inspired or encouraged to pursue their goals in life you get a great sense of achievement.

And perhaps dance is how we choose to remember, how we hold on to the past. All through elementary, middle, and high school they were some of my best friends.

why i love dance essay

When we dance, we can remember them all a little better, feel the butterflies once again, and if only for a moment, return to the purest part of our lives when time was of no matter…for we were dancing. Dancing allows me to emulate everything. The body is a map to be read.

Why i dance

Why do we watch videos, obsess over our reflection in the kitchen window, and yes, take lessons to perfect something that could easily be labeled as trivial? By nature, dance is a wordless form of expression, translating emotions and thoughts into physical movements.

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