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This resulted in a series of terror attacks in the country and led significant numbers of Tunisians to join ISIL. Moreover, the economic premise of the policy recommendations made by international financial institutions to reduce unemployment has proven inefficient.

Therefore no doubts that some serious measures should be taken by the government and by some employers in order to diminish the unemployment rate among young people in our country. Foundational skills have also been identified as key to a successful transition to work.

Worse, if the issue is not promptly and efficiently tackled, it may be a source of future unrest. What does the UK have to share? Thus, many of the youth in South Africa choose to remain unemployed until they are able to find a job at a larger firm.

Youth unemployment essay

The theory holds that in countries with a youth bulge, young men are more likely to engage in aggressive wars until a balance is reached between their ambitions and the number of acceptable positions available in their society. On theoretical grounds, relative deprivation theory and opportunity-cost approach associate high unemployment rates with uprisings. As recently as , "one in three higher education graduates, two in three secondary graduates, and one in three compulsory education graduates have not found some form of stable employment. For instance, the free trade agreements between the four North African countries and the EU has resulted in a significant trade deficit. However, while high youth unemployment is worrying, it is not on its own a cause of conflict. Lacking vocational training or adequate skills that employers look for, many French youths are without options for employment. Notwithstanding a few violent terrorist attacks, Tunisia stands as an exception in the region for having peacefully completed its democratic electoral process. Being unemployed for a long period of time in youth has been correlated to decreased happiness, job satisfaction and other mental health issues.

Entrepreneurship requires business insight, quick wits and an entrepreneurial spirit, which many youth do not have and cannot acquire, even after training. Before they leave education, it appears critical that they have access to this information to be better prepared for what to expect and what is expected of them.

Youth unemployment also dramatically increases public spending at times when economies are struggling to remain competitive and social benefits increase along with an aging population.

First, a more balanced employment protection for permanent and temporary workers is needed. Which countries are part of 'Wider Europe'? And everything will be even much worse than now. Being unemployed for a long period of time in youth has been correlated to decreased happiness, job satisfaction and other mental health issues.

Social entrepreneurs have also invested the field with the creation of new online platforms and applications.

Causes of youth unemployment

A lack of innovation[ edit ] The economic crisis has led to a global decrease in competitiveness. And everything will be even much worse than now. Between and , youth unemployment rose by First, demographic growth is a critical factor determining the outburst of conflict. Because they aren't able to build up skills or experience during their first years in the workforce, unemployed youth see a decrease in lifetime earnings when compared to those who had steady work or those who were unemployed as an adult. To reduce unemployment, particularly among young people, the UK has invested a lot in developing better technical and vocational education and training TVET , especially in apprenticeships. Elsewhere in the region, the situation is better, but problems remain. That is why the Russian government should provide assistance to young people in their employment. It will ensure that young people who lack work experience can prove their abilities and skills to then progressively transition to regular employment. Developing skills and improving young people's employment prospects are on the policy agendas of every country in the region.
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Youth Unemployment: North Africa’s Ticking Time Bomb